I asked my parents for a computer every year after I saw commercials for the Commadore64. I received an Atari 5200 instead. Since that time I’ve owned nearly every gaming platform and enjoyed many games. I recently donated my collection to The Made.

When I was 14 I ran a BBS on my OS/2 Warp powered Packard Bell.

My friend Tim gave me a Linux CD at 15 and said “Learn Linux!”. We had that dream of starting some type of ISP together. Thankfully the CD included a copy of TLDP and I read every HOWTO and Guide included before installing. That CD also had Slackware 3.1, and it allowed me access to Linux kernel 2.0.0.

I built a Linux distribution based on Redhat 6.2 for the VPN systems at Penguin Computing. It was security focused and included GRSecurity and some other enhancements. I was able to bring this work with me when I left Penguin Computing and continued hacking on it for a few years with friends that I miss dearly (Hi Helo and XeXen!)

I’ve written some code, Github, or Gitlab

I received an award from the Chef Community.

I’m transgender and I came out at 30. This means ‘she’, ‘her’, are preferred pronouns.

I’m queer, I’ve dated men and women.

I have two daughters and a girlfriend that I love very much.

I wish I spoke to even half of the friends I’ve made throughout the years.

I’m not a perfect human, but nobody is. <3