If there has ever been one thing I’ve been unsure about, its my ability to write. I realize that much like programming, writing requires practice. So consider this my first program, my ‘hello world’. I’m certain there are over 9000 other blogs out there that start with a similar post, just as there are over 9000 programmers executing their first ‘hello’ program.

Much of my writing over the past 20 years has happened over IRC so I can be sure I’ve picked up some bad habits. =)

My intention has been to start publishing my thoughts online for years. I’ve tried in the past, but have been unable to keep up the pacing. Probably because I rushed headfirst into it without much planning. I’ve been somewhat successful in keeping my ‘writing’ momentum up through my Twitter account.

Recent events have inspired me do something more about this. Twitter is too limiting for very technical discussions. Its very easy to misinterpret something when context is limited to 140 characters. Additionally it becomes very difficult to follow a topic when there are tens of tweets involving several people.

The Internet has taught me to never read the comments, so I won’t have any here. You know where to find me on Twitter, feel free to leave feedback there, or write your own blog post and send me the link!